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Our thoughts on all things electronic case management.

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What Is TCM And How It Can Help You

08/14/2019 By Wilson

Targeted Case Management (TCM) is consists of services that assist eligible beneficiaries in securing medical, social, educational and other health services necessary to appropriate care and treatment. Case management is not directly connected with providing the care and services, but instead is a separate and reimbursable type of service under Medicaid that for specific beneficiaries, identifies the appropriate services, assists in locating those services, identifies providers, and monitors the provision of care.

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Tuberculosis - What are Directly Observed Therapies?

08/03/2019 By Wilson

Tuberculosis (TB) has managed to reach the same ranking as HIV as one of the leading infectious disease cause of death worldwide and incurs a global economic burden of over $12 billion annually. Directly observed therapy (DOT) recommends that TB patients complete the course of treatment under direct observation of treatment support who’s been trained and overseen by health services to ensure that patients are taking their drugs as instructed too. Though the current WHO End TB Strategy does not mention DOT, only “supportive treatment supervision by treatment partners”, many TB programs still utilize it even though it has not been demonstrated to be statistically significantly superior to self-administered treatment in making sure treatment success or cure.

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What Public Health Agencies Need To Know About HIPAA

07/26/2019 By Wilson

Are you confused about HIPPA and how it can affect your public health agency? You’re not alone. HIPPA can be difficult to navigate when you’re working for yourself. In an era where healthcare records are increasingly being maintained online and by using the cloud, compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is becoming more important than ever to keep information from becoming vulnerable.

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New Feature - Dynamic Forms

07/22/2019 By Todd Mueller

I’m pretty excited about the release of a new feature for Olive called Dynamic Forms. As the name suggests, you can now create electronic forms based on your paper based documents. Imagine not having to lug around folders of cumbersome documents to have clients sign out in the field!

Capturing Medicare Revenue
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Photo by Aidan Bartos on Unsplash

The Most Effective Tips For Capturing Medicare Revenue

07/19/2019 By Wilson

Charge capture is a vital part of the revenue cycle process, as all public health agencies that fail to appropriately and accurately document information on the care provided at their facilities can potentially lose millions in revenue.